My name is Morten Lund Thulstrup, i’m 29 years old and from the great land of the vikings, Denmark, and one of my biggest passions is travelling and explore other cultures; I enjoy engaging locals, try out national dishes as well getting an insight into their history by explore their nature and city-life, the more I experience the more I realize how diverse the world is and how little I actually know about it. Another passion of mine, which I also like to combine with traveling is physical activities such as mountain biking, surfing, diving, running, biking, skiing and I have even had the opportunity of climbing a volcano. Many of these unforgettable moments I have been able to capture through another big passion of mine, photography, which later has been an inspiration source in my professional work as an artist.

I consider myself being open minded, honest and engaging when interacting with other people

In January 2016 I graduated at The Animation Workshop, with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Graphics Art, with the 2D Bachelor film “Grandma’s Hero”. It was a one year project and I worked as a Background Artist, Culture Developer and Production Manager. Follow our journey at